Breaking All Your Rules - Transform Your Life Through The Power Of Play With

Anthony Nino Trahair

Stuck in a Monotonous Routine? Feeling Disconnected from Loved Ones? Searching for Greater Purpose?


Life can sometimes become an uninspiring loop of mundane tasks,
leaving you yearning for the vibrant days of spontaneous joy and childlike wonder.

But what if the solution is simpler than you think?

Rediscover the Joy of Playfulness and Transform Your Life!

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60-Minute online workshop to rejuvenate your stride!

“I wholeheartedly believe that a phenomenal life begins with reconnecting to the way we played as kids. That’s why I’m such a strong advocate of the resurgence of our inner merry maker – because I believe that many of the hiccups in our world result from not knowing how to interact with others in a playful and positive way.”

Join our free 60 min workshop and:

➺ Hear a brief story about how play and embracing the unknown helped me overcome shyness and rewrite my own rulebook. 🌈

➺ Experience the liberation of play and the possibility of a life infused with joy, spontaneity, and authenticity. 🌈

➺ See the potential of your inner brilliance shine and how that can foster personal growth and happiness. 🌈

It’s time to bring back the playfulness you once had and breathe new life into every day. Embrace play, rekindle your spirit, and experience life as you did as a kid. Reserve your spot now!

Participants will walk away from this workshop feeling liberated, inspired, and ready to embrace a more joyful and purposeful life.

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Next Session: 6th November, 5pm CET-Europe (1pm ET).

About Anthony Nino Trahair


Anthony Nino Trahair is a passionate advocate for the power of play and personal transformation. With over two decades of experience, Anthony has dedicated his life to helping individuals rediscover their playfulness and rewrite their life’s rulebook.

Anthony’s mission is to empower individuals to live life on their terms, free from self-imposed limitations, and filled with the boundless possibilities that a playful mindset offers.”

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