Hello there!
I’m Anthony Trahair

I'm a Playfulness Catalyst

I’m here to help create spaces where people can fully be themselves in all their wild glory, where they can trust others and themselves, play, laugh, cry, listen and be heard, while discovering the deeper quality of time.

Let me tell you a little of my story.

I’m lively, curious, introverted and profound. I love to play and dance and, of course, have a juggle. I’ve always been surrounded by books.

My life changed when I learnt how to juggle in 1994. I was the last person on the planet that thought he could learn such an impossible feat. The instant I could do it I saw so many of my beliefs about my abilities fall away. It was fun and I tasted freedom. I was hooked and spent hours challenging my mind and body learning everything about throwing and catching objects possible.

When I finished my degree in Chemistry at university in the UK in 1996 I left to travel around Southern-Europe. I left with just £50, a backpack, my beloved juggling props and a desire to discover all those things that nobody had told me about.

I developed a strong faith in life.

You can read about this part of my story in my new book MEETING LIFE.

Those four months threw open the doors of what it meant to be in the world. I was hungrier than ever to know and experience more.

Two years later I found myself in Rome, I made many friends there and started a continuous and passionate daily Yoga practice in 1998. I was determined to find a master and after looking around seven schools found Master Mario Verri. He wouldn’t let me have a trial lesson, we talked for 20 minutes and I left wondering whether I could join his lessons. I still study with him after nearly 25 years.

I feel very fortunate to have such a powerful practice in my life.

I’m a passionate learner of life and I’m constantly searching to improve myself in all sorts of ways.

Straight after university, I left the UK and I travelled around Europe. I found there were so many opportunities to experience life with very little money. I learnt through travel and juggling how to be creative, to express myself, and the joy of meeting people. I found a deeper wisdom in myself that I have developed over the years and now share with others.

I was terrible at small talk, found it hard to look others in the eyes and then I found myself Street performing around Europe!  Jumping in at the deep end I overcame my shyness, gained confidence and learnt how to connect with others, I learnt how to bring the best out of others by being myself. I was able to create an impact that inspired other people.

I fell in love with juggling. It was so much more to me than throwing balls in the air. It was my tool for personal growth.

I’ve written a book on the Art of Juggling, called Pearls of Juggling, which has translated into Italian, German and soon Spanish. My latest book is coming out soon. It’s called Meeting Life.

I’m interested in expanding Playfulness into the business world, helping make workshops, training and speaking more engaging, experiential and enjoyable.

Transforming rational thinking into creative and collaborative interaction,  which propels the traditional career orientated person into really getting more out of life.

I’ve taken all the skills from performing, playfulness, and spiritual practices into my Playful Life-Coaching.

Since 1999, when I was 24, I have held residential workshops for jugglers. These were inspired by the book The Zen of Juggling by Dave Finnigan. A blend of Yoga, dance, juggling as a practice, expression and community living. They were powerful experiences that taught me a lot about guiding a group and how to get the best out of my students.

In 2003 I went to the auditions at the Dimitri Physical Theatre School in Switzerland and out of 200 eager applicants I was fortunate to be chosen to take part in a class of only 11 students from all over the world. At 28 I was an older student but my body, enthusiasm and expression was well trained.

The school lasted for three years, really tough years. I learned so much about Art, about the craft of the actor, about creating and directing. 

After completing the school and six months in the Canary Islands, I returned to Rome in 2007 and I continued studying Yoga with my master.

I made several solo shows and was charged up and ready to rock!

In 2010 I put yoga, clowning and theatre together to teach yoga to kids in an engaging fun way, even with 2 year olds! I learnt so much about creating the conditions for inclusivity and play to happen freely.

In 2015 I put all I’d learnt and understood about juggling as a practice, Yoga, and Physical Theatre in a book aimed at inspiring self-taught jugglers into the Art of Juggling called Pearls of Juggling.

After many years of performing, I now like the idea of creating immersive experiences that take us on a journey. Almost like long co-created performances!

I know how to tap into my intuition. I make brief notes for classes, know where I want to take my students, and together we dive in and discover the direction.

Playfulness came into my life big time when in 2017 I was wondering what I had to offer the world. What did the world need that I had to offer? I thought about what I was suffering with, and it was seriousness. It wasn’t just me. The tension in the world is around obligations, doing the work and if at the end of the day you have time you can play. It felt wrong. The answer was right in front of me.

It was playfulness. I’ve now realized it has a lot to do with ADHD too. If I’m not engaged in something that really grasps my attention, and the best way is through play, then I just get all serious!

It wasn’t until I experienced the power of gratitude, when we filmed Shaman Medicine Woman with my wife and then six weeks in India that I realised being grateful was the heart of being happy.

Anyway, I read all I could, I created a podcast and recorded interviews, went to a festival in Denmark and even organize every year a 3 day playfulness festival – Giocosamente Festival.

The same year I made some big changes in my diet and managed to heal the psoriasis that had been affecting me for a number of years. It was getting worse, and I really needed to do something about it. With the lifestyle changes I’ve made it has now completely gone.

My work has taken a shift now as I move towards Life Coaching. Since I was in my 20’s I’ve coached people, I just didn’t call it that. Now I have some solid tools. I love to help people grow, find “non-obvious but right in front of you” solutions. Becoming the best version of themselves while finding more fun and enjoyment in their lives.

I practise everything on myself. I try to walk my talk as much as possible. In particular I’m now very interested in how to move from a feeling of “Time Scarcity” to one of “Time Abundance”. A subtle and powerful shift.

I’ve nearly always been very untidy, definitely getting better! I am not officially diagnosed with ADHD but recently I realised it is most likely a part of me. I can’t sit still… When I think back, juggling was a life saver. It gave me a full body experience to focus on. As did yoga. Adults with ADHD tend to show their symptoms more in an experience of great mental activity, often leading to feeling overwhelmed, rather than being physically hyperactive. Though I do have tons of energy and find it really hard to sit down for too long. The superpowers of ADHD easily outweigh the disadvantages though. Think of Leonardo de Vinci, Mozart, Lewis Caroll, Einstein, Jim Carrey and Bart Simson.

I’m distracted until something really interests me. I have a profound intuitive sense and find people fascinating. I can really listen and home in on what you really want. I have put so much energy on giving value to play because a world without play just isn’t very interesting!! Do you see how it works? I’m sure you’d prefer the boring moments in your life to be more fun too, right?

I’m now able to make other people feel great and come alive. I can enjoy simple things. I can cook great Vegan dishes and grow my own veg!

I was very fortunate to grow up by the seaside in Cornwall, lots to explore and so much beauty to absorb. I now live north of Rome deep in the countryside with my wife, cats and chickens and work towards an off-grid lifestyle.