My philosophy

Life Coach with a Playful Approach?

Coaching focuses on helping you achieve your goals.
I like to take that a step further and help you achieve exciting goals that light you up and make life worth living!

When we play we become fully alive.

If you want your life to be less grey you need to find out what makes you feel alive and do more of that.

Once you know what makes you feel alive you’ll more easily prioritize it, because you will get excited and kind of fall in love with your life again.

People who feel like they don’t have enough time simply don’t know how they really want to spend their time.

Free time should be filled with things that make you feel alive and help you regenerate.

You might think it would be selfish to prioritize play, fun and feeling alive, my take is that when you exubriate play and fun from your whole being you lift up others and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

Why is it we fill our lives with things we don’t really care about? And the things we care about get the short end of the stick?

I’ve put some of my ideas on a map. This doesn’t say anything in detail about how to go about it. But that’s what a map is. Just what a feeling of scarcity of time and on the opposite scale what a feeling of an abundance of time, can generate in our lives.

Why are you exhausted? Could it be because you’re not doing enough of what charges you up?

Generally we just don’t plan for fun activities, not as much as we need or like perhaps, not as we do for work anyway.

My Take on Time

Putting productivity before happiness leads to being unhappily productive.
What would happily productive look like?

Small shifts with massive consequences.
You are what you do with your time.

You are what you do with your time

Which side of the map would you like to live in?
The top part where you feel the Abundancy of Time or the bottom half where there is never enough time, the Time Scarcity part?

How to shift from Time Scarsity to Time Abundancy?

That is what our work is all about. A Playful mindset gives you the feeling that you have all the time you need.
When you don’t feel like you have enough time I think it’s a clear sign that you need to slow down and connect with your surroundings more. You’ve probably stopped laughing. Look out for people that are smiling and laughing, kids and animals that play, observe them let your heart be filled with the lightheartness.

My beliefs on Play

I believe that when we are able to play as adults we allow the best part of us to emerge.

Play isn’t just what kids do when they are allowed (!), but is something that can enrich many aspects of our lives. You just need to take the steps to bring your playfulness out and share it with others.

I believe a lot of shit in our world is caused by not knowing how to interact with others in a playful way.

When we reconnect to moments we enjoyed as a child can show what we can still enjoy today and show us what to do with our free time.
Time away from our screens and actively playing is one of the most powerful ways to feel alive.

We could be a fit if:

You travelled when you were younger and would like to travel again.

You have a big dream that makes no apparent sense. Perhaps you just don’t know where to start.

You have tasted the flow state and nothing else seems to matter.

You are a wellness profession or have an occasional Yoga or other Holistic practice.

If so we could just be that we’ll enjoy working together.


I believe we are terrified of playing, it feels vulnerable and we are just not used to letting go. I believe people are stuck because they are scared of failing, because a safe container to be able to make mistakes has not been created. The world we live in punishes us for making mistakes and brainstorming unusual ideas.


I believe that a playful mindset, rooted in a healthy curiosity, is a power skill to live a happy life.

I believe that dedicating time with Playful activities helps you to be warmer, kinder, better listeners, proactive, friendly, less reactive, more peaceful and definately more joyful.

I believe that finding ways of learning through play is the best way to create engagement and ultimately really home in the message we want to get across.

I believe that the exchange that comes about between people when we play is rare and only available when we approach things playfully.