My Books

Two original and inspiring books by Anthony Trahair. For Jugglers, Artists, Adventurous Souls and Travellers.

Pearls of Juggling A
journey into the art of juggLing

Isn’t just a book on juggling Itโ€™s the philosophy of a juggling lifestyle.
Practice, expression, performing, movement and acting for jugglers. 
A manual that takes you on the road to greater satisfaction whether you intend to perform to massive audiences or small familiar group or even to yourself! Taking juggling beyond a mere technique to a way of self-actualisation.

Pearls of Juggling has been translated into Italian, German and soon Spanish.

meeting Life: Life lessons from a young jugglerโ€™s 1996 travel journal

For adventurous souls, wanting to dig deeper in the simple aspects of life.
Just days after arriving in France in 1996, shy, fresh from a degree in Chemistry, with only ยฃ50, his backpack, and his passion for juggling, Anthony finds himself impromptu street performing.
This is his travel journal full of life reflections.

Meeting Life is coming out soon.