“This book is for anyone who has lost (or has struggled to find) the courage to heed the call of their heart and travel.”

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“Anthony Trahair’s new book teaches us in the most playful way how vital it is to our happiness to seize the day, find the joy, live with a wise twinkle in our eyes. As opposed to so many fever-browed approaches to the well-lived life, this is as exhilarating as defying gravity by keeping several juggling balls in the air at once. Read this book and smile!”

Phil Cousineau, author of The Art of Pilgrimage and The Book of Roads, and editor of The Hero’s Journey: The Life and Work of Joseph Campbell

I was amazed by the kindness and joy of people that had very little. Miracles seem to happen in simple exchanges between people”.
– Anthony Trahair

About Meeting Life

Life Lessons From a Young Juggler’s 1996 Travel Journal

Just days after arriving in France in 1996, shy, fresh from completing a degree in Chemistry, with only £50, his backpack, and his passion for juggling, Anthony finds himself hungry and alone. He takes to the streets and starts impromptu street performing. He realises that this is his ticket out of a conventional life plan, to a self-sufficient way of living where he could be himself: a player rather than a spectator.

Liberating, humorous, and insightful, this travel journal has something for everyone in this unusual and authentic tale. Meeting Life is based on Anthony’s 1996 European adventure and the life lessons he has learned since. If you want inspiration from a story to go out and boldly live the adventure you’ve always wanted, you’ll relish this book and find it invaluable in playing at the game of life your heart knows is possible.


“Anthony is someone I’d love to go on an adventure with. He brings such lightness, sincerity, playfulness and a heart that is strong, full, open and clear. This book isn’t a ‘how to’ book. It’s not full of formulas and aphorisms. It’s full of something much more useful. It’s full of stories”.
Tad Hargrave, founder of MarketingforHippies.com

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I developed a trust that things will work out just fine – this doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous or afraid anymore, I just move on all the same”.
– Anthony Trahair

what people are saying about Meeting Life

“Anthony is someone I’d love to go on an adventure with. He brings such lightness, sincerity, playfulness and a heart that is strong, full, open and clear. This book isn’t a ‘how to’ book. It’s not full of formulas and aphorisms. It’s full of something much more useful. It’s full of stories”.
Tad Hargrave
Ethical Marketer, Founder of MarketingforHippies.com
"Meeting Life" is such a nice Book to dive into and switch into the feelings, motivations, joys or sorrows of a young boy on his way to his own understanding of life way in the world. The base and constant orientation is the passion for juggling, enabling him to realize such a journey.
Andreas Föhrenback
The story of an unconventional journey driven by juggling, more juggling and searching for the feeling of life. Anthony describes in great detail the ups and downs of travelling and busking on the streets. He talks about the freedom, the random connections and companions, the exciting places and the joy of doing something wild. You can feel his sense of awe and excitement, but also the tiredness, longing for a shower, somewhere sheltered to sleep and something to eat. However, “I am really not worried about what will happen, as it always seem to work out just fine”. I read the book when I was on my way to a new country to start circus school, and it gave me a lot of courage to pursue my joy of doing something wild.
Anna Biebl
“A gentle unfurling of a book, evocative of summer travels across Europe. We watch a young man grow and learn and the reflections are a philosophy, manifesto and nudge to travel and move outside out comfort zones”
Peter Duncan
social circus trainers (UK)
"A jump in the past that reminded me of my travels during those same years. I didn't dare roughing it as you did but I related to a few experiences. How nostalgic following your adventures through different countries with different languages, currencies and foods. I loved the comradeship with fellow travelers, the fortuitous scenarios and coincidences. The bravery to sleep anywhere gave me suspense. The wet nights, the uncomfortable moments, the long walks and things like appreciating a piece of bread glued me to your diary".
Arianna Waters
around the world-Traveller,
life enthusiast (IT/USA)
“In the mid 90s when many students were Euro-railing or heading off to the sun on 18-30 binge holidays, Anthony took the road less travelled. Life lessons is the diary of a young adventurer who had time to reflect on some of the bigger questions of life”.
Brendan Rouse
Teacher, Traveller, Juggler (UK)
"Meeting Life“ takes the reader to the journey of a young, juggling man with a lot of spontaneous, crazy ideas, who wants to explore what nobody has showed him before. Without knowing what happens tomorrow, he learns to trust life to take him to the right places and people, gets used to the ups and down of a low budget travel life and learns about how to busk with juggling. He meets diverse, exciting people and their stories, with whom he can share his trip. A part of Anthony wanted to grow and to be free to choose his own way of life. This travel adventure was a big and long step out of his comfort zone and gave him a great push of courage and openness towards the rest of his life until today.
Chris Blessing
Juggler and trainer www.chris-blessing.de

The aim of travelling is openness. The more open we are the more we notice the miracles that are happening all around us”

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My wish is that my story, Meeting Life, may help you:

  1. Get the motivation to go on a journey of self-discovery.
  2. Be inspired to risk and go after your wild dream.
  3. Reinvent yourself at any moment.
  4. Gain new insights on what is important to you.
  5. See your life as an adventure and you as the hero.
  6. Open to trust, connection, courage and flow.
  7. Get out there and live.

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