My Bookshelf

Before you even consider working with me perhaps we should see if we are a fit. You can see a lot about a person with the book they have on their shelf.

What books do you have
on your shelf?

Here’s a few of mine:

Big Magic

- Elizabeth Gilbert
What is ideas were “looking for you” to bring them into being?

Refuse to Choose

- Barbara Sher
What if you could do everything? For me this is a deeply relaxing proposition. Yes I am a scanner!

Free Play

- Stephen Nachmanovitch
Learning how to be yourself.

Be Here Now

- Ram Dass
Classic psicodelic spirtually inspiring masterpiece.

The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible

- Charles Eisenstein
Our heart and smarter than our brains!

The Zen of Juggling

- Dave Finnigan
A master takes a group of jugglers to perfect they art and they discover themselves in the process.

Embracing Uncertainty

- Susan Jeffers
The power of not knowing in straight forward enlightening questions.


- Rob Brezsny
What if the world was comlotting in our favour? Such a deep and rich journey book.

Crazy Wisdom

- Trungpa
The less-frequently thought up balance, that between knowing and not-knowing, of wisdom and high class playfulness.

Nonviolent Communication

- Marshall Rosenberg
The power of our words, many incredible stories about deep listening to others’ and our own needs.

My Autobiography

- Charly Chaplin
Such an incredible and well written story. Truly inspirational.

Hatha Yoga - The hidden Language

- Shivanada Radha

I miei esercizi dello Yoga

- Andrè van Lysebeth

Awakening the Spine

- Vanda Scaravelli

Of course I’ve got a lot more 🙂 I expect you do to!