Burn your to-do list!

“Playful Life Design Starter Kit..

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Part 1. Burn your to-do list!

Why would I suggest such a thing?

Symbolically “burning your to-do list” helps you break free,

From rigid routines that are lacking glee.

Embracing spontaneity and a joyful rhyme,

Balancing life’s demands, one step at a time.

To-do lists, like rabbits, keep on breeding,
Lengthening endlessly, never conceding.
Organisation is fine, no need doubt,
But do they truly let life’s moments sprout?

Are to-do lists working for you?

Are they giving you more time to actually live and enjoy your life?

The three main problems with to-do lists are:

  1. Lack of Flexibility: Life is unpredictable, and unexpected events can disrupt plans. If a to-do list is rigid, last minute changes are difficult to accommodate, leaving you feeling frustrated and inadequate; letting yourself and others down.
  1. Neglecting Self-Care: To-do lists tend to focus on tasks related to work or chores, leaving out self-care activities and leisure. Neglecting self-care can lead to burnout and decreased overall productivity
  1. Not Accounting for Energy Levels: People have varying levels of energy throughout the day. Tasks that require higher concentration and focus might not be suitable during periods of low energy and basic to-do lists fail here, having us feel that there is something wrong with us and believing we can never get anything done.

Flexibility is key in life’s grand dance,
Plans disrupted, you need a chance,
To care for yourself and your well-being,
With energy and play, results you are seeing. (Yoda I am, me)

We are told that to-do lists will have us feeling organised but I find they come from a sense of duty and become more of a burden than a guide. Do you feel the same way sometimes?

The way I get around is I add items to my list that I love to do as well as items that need to be done. Then I get some energy boosts with the fun things on my lists.

I’ve created a process that I’d like to share with you to help you make time where you don’t think there is any!

As there’s more to it than I can put here, download the playbook to find out the tips and get more things done with joy.

So, let’s “burn” the list that binds us tight,
Embrace the now, let our hearts take flight.
A richer, fun-filled life, let’s unfold,
With spontaneity and joy untold!

The playbook will guide you through
the following three Principles

It will help you:

  • Enjoy spontaneous moments and the pursuit of joy, leading to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.
  • Live with effortlessness.
  • Find time where you don’t think there is any.

In the playbook you’ll find your own answers.

Sign up here to download it and get many more tips on living a life with more energy and time to do what lights you up the most.

Part 2. Cultivating Playfulness four week mini course!

Cultivating playfulness is one of the best things we can do to improve the quality of our lives and the world around us.

Playfulness is infectious.

At what point during the course of our adult life did we begin to need a reason to feel good?

When, along the way, did we swap the fearlessness and playful exuberance for rigid confines of expression?

At what point did we become so disconnected from the fluidity of life that once invigorated our imaginations?

This four-week course has been created to help you reclaim your playfulness and deepen the connection to your surroundings. It will offer an exploration into your own playfulness and expedite simple practices to improve the quality of your daily life.

This works hand in hand with burning your to-do list as this course will raise your playfulness and help you create a more playful to-do list.

Join our course, playful and free,
Learn to raise energy, flexible you’ll be.
Four weeks of fun, let’s set it in motion,
Reclaim your playfulness, create a joyful potion.

Connecting to surroundings, a deeper tie,
Explore your own playfulness, reach for the sky.
Simple practices shared, for life’s quality bright,
Embrace the course, bask in its light.

When play is lacking, life can feel grey, This course brings colour, come what may!

The course is screen time light.
There are some brief videos, short texts and some audios to listen to.

Including conversations with some great exponents of Playfulness in the world, Mathias Poulsen from Counterplay, Gopala Amir Yaffe from Rainbow Yoga, Benny Faibish from Playwork, Stephan Marchant from move2create and Kirsten Anderson from Play Solutions.

So get started now.

Download your free playbook and take advantage of the bonus!