Burn your to-do list!

Why would I suggest
such a thing?

Let’s face it, to-do lists are a burden.
To-do lists are like rabbits that just keep breeding.

To-do lists are a poor surrogate for a life.
They have us focus on what we have to do rather than what we ultimately want.
When we lose touch with our WHY, we lose motivation and just plod along.
To-do lists are just the very start of organising our time and don’t contain a plan for a life that will light us up.

Our to-do lists make us feel organised but generally they come from a feeling of duty.
We rarely add things in our list that we love to do.

The principle satisfaction of a to-do list is that you cross all your items off, missing the pleasure of actually doing the things!

We feel frustrated because we are just ticking off the tasks we have to do and we never get to the end!

To-do lists deserve to be burned.

I've created a workbook that I'd like to share
with you to help you burn your to-do lists!

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Three quick tips:

    If you keep the list in your head get them out of it, writing down your to-do-list is just the start of a visioning process.
    Group similar tasks together and connect to their outcome (why it is you do them – for example tidy, declutter, clean, to live in a house that fills you with joy and a sense of peace, not to cross off your TODOLIST!!! – are you getting the point now?
    Add things you enjoy and rest time to your list.

To-do lists and work in general are endless.

the workbook will guide you through
the following three Principles

It will help you:

  • Have more Fun.
  • Make time where you don’t think there is any.
  • HAVE a VISION For your life that puts a big smile on your face.

In the workbook you can find your own answers.

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