Commitment phobia? This is where Play comes striding on it!

Committing to play means diving fully into life.

Not just finding more time to play but actually committing to the game/activity/chore at hand.

If that sounds too abstract it means not holding yourself back, being truly present, engaged and dedicated.

This is where making time for play can actually help us fully realise the necessity to commit.

Learning to play (again) is (re)learning valuable life skills.

When you are not committed whatever you are doing loses enthusiasm. Don’t worry about anything else that is going on. Fully dive into where you are and what you’re doing right now.

I’m committed to writing and sharing my thoughts on play and life. I don’t know where it’ll take me or you but I do know that we have a chance of living whatever circumstances we find ourselves the best we can.

Play and committing to play no matter what is what makes us resilient.

Luckily play helps us to commit as the feedback loop feels great. The more we dive into play the more playful (and alive) we feel and the more self satisfied we become. One of the definitions of play is that it is IN-TRINSICALLY rewarding.

Committing to play means diving in and being larger than life, it means says YES AND. “Can you jump?” YES. Can you tickle me? YES… and so on! Accepting the invitations to play that are constantly around us.

Start with small things but be committed to living a playful life. The small things will help us gain confidence and build up the VIRTUOUS circle. Stop going for the huge things (you’ll get there) but enjoy the ride.

For some reason it’s scary to commit. “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” as says Susan Jeffers in her milestone book of the same name. Without commitment we will always find a reason to not play.

Love to hear your thoughts on this!