Finally The Book I was Waiting for Years has Arrived!


During one of our Italian Manifesto del Gioco meetings with our play guardians, Dario Solina brought out this very book – he had found it in a library in Denmark!
Filled with excitement, I ordered it, it had been almost impossible to find and a month later I have it in my hand! And it is fantastic!!! 🎉

Ever since I heard about the New Games Movement 6/7 years ago, which published the book, I fell in love with it.
The movement started in the late 1970s in the USA.

Adults experimenting with games, seemingly simple yet profound, for the sheer joy of playing. The idea of facilitating large groups of adults into play just really gets me buzzed up!

How much do we need to play in today’s world? Yet we seem almost incapable of finding time for it. We just believe we don’t have time, but is that really the case? 🤔

This year, at the Giocosamente Festival, we are proposing several of the games from this book. Lovely!

For those who don’t know, the Giocosamente Festival is dedicated to playfulness and spontaneous kindness. It’s a 4-day gathering, an opportunity to meet through play, open to educators, facilitators, artists, musicians, play guardians, gentle hearts, and adventurous souls.
It will be held from June 26 to 30 at Pianeta Verde in Italy! 🌳🎨


A while back I interviewed Dale le Fevre, who played a key part in continuing the movement to this day!

Check it out here:


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