Like a Tangled Ball of Wall.

I’m back home after a couple of weeks travelling around.

On my trip I’ve had a lot of conversations with folk and what struck me was that Life often feels like a right mess,

Like a tangled ball of wool.

Does your life also feels like that?
I know mine often does.

It seems that the more we try to find a way out the tighter the knots become.

How to loosen the knots and get the result you are looking for while finding yourself again?

I love to think that all we need to unravel our yarn is right here in front of us now.

We just don’t see it.

We are blinded but whatever we are “obsessing” about.

We are caught up with the problem too much and have stopped looking for solutions.

I’ve spoken to quite a few folk recently that are quite blind to what they have in their hands.

If only I had a girlfriend, a better job, more money, friends to go out with, time for myself……

Sometimes we need to take off for a few weeks or more to regain perspective, other times we just need to focus on what is actually working in our lives right now.

Let’s start with the second version for now and I’m going to propose a very simple exercise today.

Map out your assets.

Not so much property and money in the bank, though important to realise too.

I’m interested in the things we don’t often see like:
Groups you are part of, partnerships, colleagues, networks.
Your achievements: big and small.

Your skill sets, competencies, personal traits.
Artistic and creative interests.

And all the things you LOVE TO DO. If you know what you love to do, make sure you’re doing it!
I’m sure there are a lot more.

This simple exercise will help your brain elaborate new data all on its own.

It will help you to focus on what it is you really want and start to untangle the mess!Keep your eyes and ears really open as you may well start to see things that you didn’t see before, you might speak with someone that knows someone…

I hope these thoughts were useful.