My Top Ten + 1
Chair Yoga Classes!

During the Lockdown I offered around 80 chair yoga live online chair yoga lessons in an attempt to bring the beauty of the countryside to the homes of folk locked into their apartments.
Each lesson was vastly different from the next. They were inspired.
Here is a selection of my favourite 10+1.
Each class is in English and Italian and lasts around 40 minutes.

Special Bonus no.1

Finding Silliness and Calm 

Special Bonus no.2

Peace in your heart and mind

Special Bonus no.3

Regenerative Self-Massage

Special Bonus no.4

Wisdom of the body

Special Bonus no.5

Smiling with your whole body

Special Bonus no.6

Willow Flow

Special Bonus no.7

Uniting the Hemispheres

Special Bonus no.8

Finding Stillness and Calm

Special Bonus no.9

Playing with Waves

Special Bonus no.10

Meditative and Playful

Special MEGA Bonus no.11

This is a bonus one that has Kali cat climbing on back!
Staying close to your body