You are exhausted not because you do too much, but, rather you don’t do enough of what lights you up.

Hi I’m Anthony, I work with adults who are overburdened by life’s demands and feel like time is slipping away, and I help them find the time and energy to engage in meaningful activities, deepen their relationships, and actually enjoy their lives.

I often hear people saying that
they are too busy - too busy for what their heart is aching for.

Let’s shift from what you have to do, to what you want to do. Let’s turn things upside down, take the path less travelled and prioritise your happiness.

Find the time to do the things that are important to you and that you actually enjoy. Once you light up that spark it will spread throughout the rest of your life.

What do characters like Jane Goodall, Mary Poppins, Jim Carrie, Albert Einstein, Jamie Oliver have in common? They all found something they really loved regardless of what anybody else thought and have lived happy fulfilled lives.

You are what you do with your time.

To-do lists and work in general are endless.

Is there a better way of organising your to-do-lists that actually excites you rather than leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?
You bet! It starts with working out what you really want.
We move from to-do lists to Playlists!

Start with your ideal lifestyle and plan from there, otherwise you will find you don’t have time or energy left for what is important to you.

Can you relate to any of the following?

• You feel that time is slipping through your fingers.
It’s like you’ve not quite managed to surf those waves.

• When you meet up with friends and they ask what have you been doing?
And you just can’t remember.

• You’re looking to turn your hobby into a livelihood.

• You have practised a holistic practice, Yoga, Meditation, Taiji…. or have an art or craft that allows you total focus.

• You desire to create a powerful vision for your life that you can be proud of.

• You know that there is more to life but can’t find the time for it or just don’t know where to start.

• You really don’t want to waste your life away.

There are three parts to this work:

1) Understand

– what is important to you and how to create the TIME you need. We will find an hour for you to do something you love!

2) Connect to moments

– in your LIFE that make you feel really alive. Remember that sense of Playfulness, Adventure and Bravado. Discover your Play Personality.

3) Create a VISION

– for your life that puts a big smile on your face. Make it larger than life and even unreasonable! Your vision guides your actions.

Together we will make a plan to live your ideal life with daily, weekly, monthly actions.

The folks that I support are generally:

Free Spirits who are ready to reconnect to their aliveness and give back to the world in a way that’s meaningful to them.

• You may have a strong desire to get back into the flow of life, to find yourself again with a clean slate, perhaps even travel again.

• You often find yourself unable to get away from your screens, forgetting what is really important to you.

• Your calendar is full of things that just aren’t fulfilling.

• You’ve experienced the flow state, where everything happens smoothly, and you’d like to spend more time doing activities that matter to you.

• You tend to waste your free time and wonder what happened to the last two hours.

• You are craving a new sense of life and are now ready to live your ideal life.

You were once care-free.
What happened?

“Life got in the way”, you might say.
– Now it’s time, to re-harness the power of play.

Why is it we fill our lives with things we don’t really care about?
And the things we care about get the short end of the stick?

• Are you interested in becoming an ever better version of yourself?

• Do you want to find a meaningful way to give back to the world?

• Do you enjoy tossing a frisbee back and forth for fun and easily laugh about your own mishaps?

• Do you want to dream really big and are ready to make it happen?

Then you’re in the right hands!


Realizing time is our friend


Explore opportunity


Align to your intuition


Plan into action

Time, Play and Life

It’s up to you to design a life around what is important for you, what needs to get done, and how to anticipate changes to your plans!

Create a vision for your life and work with your time, rather than against it.

You need the money to do what you really want… to spend your time as you’d like… what if time wasn’t something you spent or wasted but was something that you allowed to EXPAND?

Living the stretched version of time gives quality to my life. It feels amazing to be both productive and have time to do whatever I want. I now have very short to-do lists. Sure I get caught up in overwhelm and this is my story to help me get my life back beyond to-do lists.

I’ve always been fascinated by Time. Back in 1996 finishing University I realized that I could do whatever I wanted with my time. I still have this feeling to this day. Time stretches and goes slow at times and goes really fast at others. This fascinated me. I’ve always been researching making the best use of my time.

A couple of hundred years ago time
was considered as money. Time is your greatest asset and if you haven’t
designed a life around what you want it can get very frustrating.

Absurdly you may find you have money and no time to spend it!!!!!

I believe that when we focus on what we actually want, we find time for what is most important in our lives.

– Now I know many of us don’t even really know what we want… I believe you do, deep down though! At least you know what you don’t want, and that is a great start!

How are you?
You must be exhausted

You know what? It’s not that you are exhausted because you are too busy, though you may well be, you're exhausted because you're not doing enough of what charges you up.

And this just means that it doesn’t matter how many hours you put in, you will never be as effective as you’d like to be.

You’re not just exhausted,

You could also be:

T.T.O: Take Time Out

You don’t have to be a student to take a gap!
A gap can be taking an hour to do something you love on your own or with others. It could be a that people don’t normally go on holiday. A day off in the middle of the week. Or a length of time that is longer than just a holiday. Could be a month, 6 weeks, 3 months up to a year!!!!

At the moment I can’t help you if:​

• You see you need to change but you are also quite comfortable plodding along just as you are.

• You think your problems are caused by other people.

• You just want results to roll in without putting in any effort.

• Play is just another four letter word for you and it’s only for those under 5.

•  If we found an hour a day for you to do anything you wanted you’d choose to – sleep!!

Life coaching with Anthony Trahair is an injection of 'applied optimism', an opportunity to get out of the river of one's everyday life and sit on the bank in good company, to learn how to give the right name to things and sow the seeds of change and awareness. Anthony manages to be light without ever being superficial, to laugh without ever mocking, to open horizons without hyperbole or flights of fancy. I could call him the Tom Bombadil of personal development.
Nicholas Bawtree
director of the Magazine Terra Nuova