Podcast Tour 2022

I’m on a podcast tour!!!

Please reach out if you’d like to have a conversation around Playfulness, Creativity, Life Design and like a fresh take!

Creative Status Podcast with Oli Anderson, Coaching for Realness.

Great conversation with Oli about Juggling, creativity, Playfulness, taking risks and Humanity


Click here to listen to the episode (60mins)

Follow Oli here: https://www.instagram.com/olijanderson/


We‘ve Got a Problem Podcast with Andrew Wallace

The Spirit of Play w/Anthony Trahair

Anthony Trahair, a life-coach and yogi from the UK who now lives an off-grid lifestyle in Italy, joins the podcast this week to tell his fascinating story. Listen in as he recounts the time he left the UK in 1996 with only 50 pounds and ended up spending 4 months traveling through Southern Europe as a street performer, soaking up culture, and permanently changing the way he interacted with the world.

I was interested in being a guest on this podcast as Andrew covers a diverse range of topics and focus on fascinating stories including how to manage stress and anxiety, how to improve communication skills, how to create a career in entertainment, how to build resilience, future trends in the music business, the importance of play and adventure for adults, and more.
Check it out here (30 mins): https://link.chtbl.com/problempodcast
Video version:

Follow Andrew here: https://www.instagram.com/bodsillian

Anthony Trahair speaks with Pia Maganov on finding and living life purpose [24 mins].

Learning how others view and live their life purpose can help you identify your own.
If you would like to discuss how to find your life purpose, have a chat with Pia.
You can connect with Pia via her website:

Happy to talk about Playfulness and a part of my journey on the Creatrix Matrix Podcast with Haden Starbuck [30 mins]

Playful creative Anthony Trahair talks about how juggling and travel set his life on a new and wondrous path.

“I was fresh out of university and pretty wet behind the ears. I didn’t have words for it then, but I had a deep feeling that I hadn’t experienced life yet – at least not in the way that I had somehow imagined it to be. I felt like an alien. I was interested in learning, exploring, becoming an ever-better version of myself, and finding out what made the world tick.

I didn’t know where money would come from nor where I would sleep. When performing, I was often moved on by the authorities. I contended with health issues. But all these hardships led to my growth.

I sometimes wonder how different this trip would have been if I’d had a phone or the internet access I have today. I don’t think I’d have dug so deep into my own resourcefulness and resilience. I most likely wouldn’t have picked up on the subtleties of my trip.

I’d fallen in love with juggling at university, and while on the road, I experienced travelling through the eyes of a street performer. Having left the UK with hardly any money, I found myself using my juggling as a means to meet others and earn enough to survive. It was a really tough four months; however, I always found a solution to every difficulty and was helped in the most unexpected ways.

I was terrible at small talk, found it hard to look others in the eyes and then I found myself Street performing around Europe! In right at the deep end I overcame shyness, gained confidence and learnt how to connect with others.
Listen on Spotify here.