Seeking Myself: India Bound in Just Two Weeks!

🛫 I’m off to India in two weeks from today! I visited India six years ago with my wife, but this time I’m going alone and to a part I’ve never been to. The decision comes from a personal desire.

I don’t feel like I’ve completely gotten over COVID. Do you feel the same? There’s something lingering, a bit unsettled. I’ve not been feeling as playful as usual. Hence, I’ve decided to embark on an adventure for six weeks.

🎵 During the lockdown, I started singing Hanuman Chalisa every day. I’ve memorized this long mantra dedicated to the Hanuman God – the deity with a monkey head, great strength, and incredible qualities that I aim to embody. Hanuman embodies playfulness, wisdom, and strength.

🌍 I’m heading to Chennai and have begun planning the voyage, leaving ample space for spontaneity and magic to happen along the way. I’ll keep you updated on my trip, sharing footage and experiences.

🔍 The primary goal is to find myself. Sometimes, it’s necessary to detach oneself from the routine. Even though my business demands extra time, a voice within insists I must embark on this journey to rediscover myself. It might seem airy-fairy, jetting off to India to find oneself, but when we lose touch with our true selves, we tend to make decisions that aren’t aligned with our authentic being.

💼 Our lives need to be purposeful. We must invest the best of ourselves in what we do. If we merely scrape by, we won’t receive much in return. While I’m not living a minimalist life, I recognize the importance of taking a sabbatical. It’s about asking significant questions: What am I meant to offer the world? Is my job solely about money or can it be more fulfilling? Can I infuse more joy into my relationships?

🌟 Traveling provides perspective. I’ll keep you posted and share more insights during my travels. Is there anything you’d like me to report back to you with?

📹 I shall be sharing longer videos of my reflections on Youtube below is the one I made today.

Catch you again soon! Anthony 👋

PS of course there is some echoing of my book MEETING LIFE, there I was 21 now I’m 48. Writing THAT book has given me the courage to take off. If you haven’t picked one up you can order one HERE! (You may have to change your Amazon country). 📚

PPS – if you’re feeling envious that I’m off finding myself that could be a sign that it’s time for you to plan an adventure or perhaps go on one together. 🌈

PPPS – next year I’m planning a whole series of workshops to regain your Playful Personal Power! 💪

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