How to Improve Your Romantic Relationships Through Playfulness [For Men]

How to Improve Your Romantic Relationships Through Playfulness [For Men].

After a few months or years, your relationship can just get a little dull to say the least!!!

How to inject playfulness, fun, excitement, and passion back into a relationship or build it up if it wasn’t ever really ever there.

How to turn around arguments. How to stop flying off the handle when you’re nagged at or criticised.

To feel like a failure as a husband feels awful and far too many of us men feel that way. You are, of course, responsible though you’ve no idea what you’re doing.

What if there was a way to turn this around?

Wouldn’t you try anything to earn your partner’s smile again?

I’m suggesting you try and be a little more playful. “What do I have to do?” I hear you say, “I’m just not a playful person!” It’s about time you learned how.

Didn’t you just say you’d try anything?

Recognizing Invitations to Play


So the first step is to accept an invitation to play. WE ARE SURROUNDED BY INVITATIONS TO PLAY. We just don’t see them, or rather, we label them as DISTURBANCES!

You might label them as attention-seeking. Let’s reframe this. The first step is to keep your eyes open for these “invitations”.

If you’ve not spotted them early on, they may have become a little nasty by now. You stay with it and give the invite some attention. See it as an invite and stop anything else you are doing and just listen in. Do something completely out of character in a friendly way.

Give a compliment, start to dance, smile, break the pattern!

Benefits of Playfulness in Relationships

When we are playful, we can really break the pattern. In a long-term relationship, there is a lot of emotional stacking going on. Lots of unexpressed feelings one on top of the other.

There is a lot of pain associated with triggers of all sorts. Break some of them by trying new activities together.

Practical Tips for Being More Playful

  • Dancing, singing, painting… making love should also be playful, how serious we become in bed though at times!! You don’t need all sorts of kinky toys in the bedroom, you need to know how to love the other person.
  • While I haven’t addressed the topic of sex directly, it’s undeniably one of the most playful activities we can engage in together. By establishing a solid foundation of genuine playfulness and embracing a deeper understanding, we open ourselves to the possibility of discovering new ways to connect intimately that bring mutual joy and satisfaction.
  • Ask your partner, “what do you need to feel loved by me”? You’ll be very surprised.

I invited my wife to play Frisbee with me. She wasn’t too keen on it at first but once we got started we had a great time. 

The activities you propose don’t have to be difficult.

Please give it a go, don’t give up on your first attempt. You can do this!! Look for invitations all over the place, animals and kids are the more obvious ones.

Taking Action

Want to learn to play now?

Start a conversation with your partner. Ask them what they like to do to play.

Playfulness is intrinsically about relationships, if you find yourself in a competition let go of your urge to win and focus on your connection.

There’s a lot more to say about this topic and if you’re interested let me know your thoughts.

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