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Rediscover Your Passion: Free
"Breaking All Your Rules" Workshop 🎉

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Ever wondered why we fill our lives with things we don’t deeply care about while neglecting what truly matters? Join me for a transformative workshop hosted by Anthony Trahair.

In a world that often dismisses playfulness as irresponsible, Anthony challenges this notion. He’s spent 28 years crafting his own rule book, prioritising what truly matters and advocating playfulness as a way back to ourselves.

As Sadhguru says, “You can truly respond to everything in the world only if you are playful.” 🤹‍♂️

This workshop will explore reclaiming time and energy by breaking our self-imposed rules. It’s about embracing what uniquely matters to you. We’ll delve into what is play for you, your play history, to foster a life aligned with what you love, even if you don’t know quite what that is! 🎨🎭

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 📜

Join Anthony and myself for his “Breaking All Your Rules – Transform Your Life Through the Power of Play” workshop on [DATE] to rediscover your youthful energy and realign with what truly fulfils you.

Let me know your thoughts!

Ciao for now, [Promotional Partner’s Name] 🚀

💫 EMAIL 2:

🌟 Embrace Life's Playfulness:
"Playing the Game of Life"

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Ever contemplated why we fill our lives with routines that lack true zest while overlooking what genuinely matters? Join me for an enlightening discussion inspired by Anthony’s journey into “Playing the Game of Life.”

After Anthony’s conversation with the famed travel author Phil Cousineau, he was suggested to call his new book, “PLAYING THE GAME OF LIFE”. Although it was too late to alter the title, this encapsulates what MEETING LIFE entails—embracing curiosity, embracing challenges, and relishing the unexpected.

Anthony’s impromptu trip around Europe at 21, engaging in street performances, sparked the essence of “Playing the Game of Life.” This concept extends beyond the book—it’s a broader project encompassing Time and Energy Management, Finding Flow and Playfulness, and uncovering life’s adventure and meaning.

Here’s a simple thought to ponder: What if you said yes to various invitations around you for an entire day, without overthinking it? How would that unfold? What are your personal “rules” around this? 🤔

As Jim Carrey’s character in “Yes Man” says, “The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

Before your objections arise, consider watching the comedy film “Yes Man” for a delightful reminder of how guarding our personal time might inadvertently block opportunities for interaction and play.

Join me and Anthony for his “Breaking All Your Rules – Transform Your Life Through the Power of Play” workshop on [DATE] to rediscover your youthful energy and realign with what truly fulfils you.

Let’s delve deeper into this playful exploration of life together. Stay tuned for more insights into “Playing the Game of Life.”

Best regards, [Promotional Partner’s Name] 🚀

💫 EMAIL 3:

Embrace Change: Letting Your
Hair Down, Even If You're Bald! 🤣

🌟 Rediscover Your Youthful Playfulness: “Breaking All Your Rules” Workshop 

Hey there [Recipient’s Name],

This message began as a play on words, but it holds a deeper meaning. It’s not solely about baldness; it’s about challenging societal norms, values and our own limitations.

🤔 The fear of going bald – a societal taboo. Have you ever talked about it? Do you hide it?

🌟 Let’s defy society’s beauty standards. Do you have rules that constrain you in society? In your work?

Cultivating Inner Youth is the key! 💪

While Anthony hasn’t experienced going bald, he’s embraced aging gracefully. Cultivating inner youth has led him to rediscover the power of playfulness and the importance of pursuing his passions.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

What if it’s more important to cultivate inner youth? What if a bald head actually makes you more attractive? 🤩

Reconnect with your passions, and age becomes just a number. Let’s rediscover your inner playfulness!

Join Anthony on a journey back to your youthful energy in his free “Breaking All Your Rules” workshop.

What does going Bald mean to your business? Do you need to welcome new ideas?

Here’s to your success!

[Promotional Partner’s Name] 🚀

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See the Workshop You'll Be Promoting

Stuck in a Monotonous Routine? Feeling Disconnected from Loved Ones? Searching for Greater Purpose?

Life can sometimes become an uninspiring loop of mundane tasks,
leaving you yearning for the vibrant days of spontaneous joy and childlike wonder.

But what if the solution is simpler than you think?

Join us for a 60-Minute Masterclass + Q&A with Anthony Trahair, founder of Giocosamente Festival, to ridiscover the joy of playfulness and transform your life!

In this session, you’ll:

➺ Hear a brief story about how play and embracing the unknown helped me overcome shyness and rewrite my own rulebook. 🌈

➺ Experience the liberation of play and the possibility of a life infused with joy, spontaneity, and authenticity. 🌈

➺ See the potential of your inner brilliance shine and how that can foster personal growth and happiness. 🌈

It’s time to bring back the playfulness you once had and breathe new life into every day. Embrace play, rekindle your spirit, and experience life as you did as a kid. Reserve your spot now!

Participants will walk away from this workshop feeling liberated, inspired, and ready to embrace a more joyful and purposeful life.

Sign up today and rewrite the rules of your life and entrepreneurial journey.

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Anthony Trahair



Anthony Nino Trahair is a passionate advocate for the power of play and personal transformation. With over two decades of experience, Anthony has dedicated his life to helping individuals rediscover their playfulness and rewrite their life’s rulebook.

Anthony’s mission is to empower individuals to live life on their terms, free from self-imposed limitations, and filled with the boundless possibilities that a playful mindset offers.

An ex-professional juggler turned yogi and life coach. Originally from the UK he resides in Italy, devoted to permaculture and off-grid living.
He has authored two books, Pearls of Juggling and Meeting Life.

Long Bio: https://anthonytrahair.com/about/




Anthony’s Website – https://anthonytrahair.com

Playfulness Festival – https://www.giocosamentefestival.eu

Books – https://anthonytrahair.com/my-books/

Upcoming Workshops – https://majikmedia.com/workshops